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With the developments in tourism, a great number of foreigners began to invest in summer houses or time sharing especially in the tourist areas in Spain, which created a new facility type, called apart hotels.

In time, however, such investment lost its attraction due to the high cost of buying a summer house in tourist areas and the limiting conditions of time sharing, which forces the owner to use the place only in a predetermined time period. On the other hand, the apart hotel system, which can be used whenever desired and without any limitations, strengthened its place in tourism as an accommodation type shaped by the demands of people who travel frequently, such as the Scandinavians.

Opportunities that allow guests to cook or heat baby food in their apart rooms, which have been designed to suit the needs of families, made such hotels popular.

The system aims to allow the tourist to feel at home.

The hotels belonging to Bastıyalı Tourist Enterprises have been designed to serve the aim and are among the first such places in Turkey. They have also been certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


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