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Tourism is the best tool for us through which we can show the Turkish hospitality. In tourism, we see differences among the organizations which offer the same service. Being part of the sector, I believe the differences originate from how these organizations interpret tourism.

Bastıyalı considers travel agencies, hotels, transportation companies, tour guides and restaurants, in short, all organizations offering service to the tourist and constituting the sector, as its business partners. This approach is what differs us from our rivals – the secret behind our success. The relations with our partners are built on mutual interest and sharing and not on conflicting interests.

Organizations in tourism sector have two main aims, one of which is material and the other, moral. Some people in the sector choose to interpret tourism as a source of material gain and overlook the issue of customer satisfaction. On the other hand, just like the tour operators we work with, we keep customer satisfaction above everything else and care for their interests, be it material or not.

We also consider our partners’ interests important, and we make sure the tourists we encouraged to come to our country get their money’s worth, that is the quality service they have paid for.

Another issue we are particularly careful about is the environment. Each tourism centre markets the natural and cultural riches it has. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a sense of environment in tourism sector. For sustainable tourism, the environment should be protected and environmental consciousness should be raised. We make use of the Tour Operators Initiative organization and the expertise of the tour operators we represent.

In our work structure, the human element stands out in everything we consider important. We invest in the human first. All my colleagues, who have adopted Bastıyalı's philosophy, ask themselves, “What else could I do if I were the owner of this company?” and improve themselves accordingly. This clearly explains the success our organization has achieved through well-coordinated team work.

The amount spent on tourism takes the first place in the world’s economy, a fact we believe will remain unchanged in the future. Turkey’s share in such a huge pie is, unfortunately, below 2%. We must aim to raise the figure higher. This can be achieved through realistic political, commercial, social and cultural strategies parallel to the needs of a changing world and harmonious cooperation between the state and private sector.

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