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Our Vision

Bastıyalı Tourist Enterprises SA operates in the tourism sector with two travel agencies, both operating in Turkey’s most important tourist destinations, one being a leading agency in the field of incoming tourism, and the other in the field of incentive tourism; three hotels, online portals and other investments.

Bastıyalı continues its operations as an institutionalized modern firm, not compromising from its values and the standards of service it set when it was founded.

Our Mission

Our institutional mission is to contribute to the tourism and economy, to continuously offer high quality service to our tour operators and the tourists, and to achieve the best by uniting with our employees in an atmosphere of respect and security, operating within the law and with the consciousness of our responsibilities toward the customers and employees.

Our Values

Our customer is our benefactor
All persons and institutions we offer our services are our customers and their demands are our priority. Our strategy is to offer the highest quality service in return for the money our customers have paid.

Human resources are our most important fund
With its 200 employees today, Bastıyalı is continuously expanding. With the belief that the quality of service is the direct result of the quality of the staff, we always try to make the best use of each member’s skills and encourage them to improve themselves. We also pay special attention to provide the staff with a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

Operating within business ethics is our priority
We see all the persons and organizations we have business relations with as our business partners. The relations with our partners are built on good intentions, mutual understanding and sharing. We act as a bridge in many ways because of the nature of the job we perform. We carry the heavy responsibilities of our sector within business ethics and with the help of our principles of honesty and fairness.

Developing environmental awareness is one of our priorities
The importance of environmental sensitivity and awareness comes to the fore in almost every aspect of life in the fast developing world. In our operations, we try to reflect this consciousness, one of the fundamental elements of our sector. Within this context, we are running a project titled “50 Green Steps Toward a Better Environment”, lead by our tour operator and joined by our business partners.

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