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The Arka Bahçe is the intra-office publication of Bastıyalı Tourist Enterprises.

The purpose of The Arka Bahçe is to gather all the 200 members of the Bastıyalı family working in all the units operating under the Bastıyalı roof.

The message to our employees in the first issue of The Arka Bahçe was:

"Bastıyalı was born in 1986. We have gained a great deal of experience in the 17 years we left behind. We have collected so many memories to share with one another and now we want to set off to a journey of another kind. …

We want to hear more of one another, get to know one another better, laugh, think, and explore our world and share it …' With this in mind, we decided to create an intra-office publication. We named it The Arka Bahçe. We wanted to gather the members of our family in The Arka Bahçe from time to time.

Eventually, we managed to make our first meeting real. The Arka Bahçe will reflect on our worlds of work and family, experiences, memories, sorrow and joy. We know that it is not satisfactory yet. It is only the first issue. We expect your contribution and participation. We know that we can change smiles into laughter with your help. With your contribution, our future meetings will be more like what we have intended.

The Arka Bahçe has a sole purpose: Everything we experience and everything we do belong to us. We leave a trace on each road we walk on and we have our signature and effort under every job we do. So, it is our right to share all these good things.

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