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Founded by Mehmet Bastıyalı in 1986, Bastıyalı Tourist Enterprises SA operates in the tourism sector with its Astral Travel Agency and the Side Resort Hotel.

Mr. Bastıyalı's ever-improving dynamic team, which has adopted his philosophy of perfectionism, aims at ensuring that their guests have the best holiday possible and leave contented. Offering limitless service, the Bastıyalı team, works professionally, yet keeps its amateur spirit all along.

This approach to tourism has enabled Bastıyalı Tourist Enterprises to successfully undertake the responsibility of representing Thomas Cook Northern Europe in Turkey, the largest tour operators group in Scandinavia, since its establishment and has placed it in the leading position in the Scandinavian market.

Holding customer satisfaction above everything and operating within the limits of ethics and advancing with firm steps, Bastıyalı Tourist Enterprises today hosts approximately 200,000 tourists each year and puts effort into raising the tourism potential with its motto “Pursuit of Excellence”.

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